Meadowvale PTA
910 Graceview Drive, Havre de Grace, MD  21078
Shoshannah Harvey - President
Liz Welsh - Vice President #1
Shannon Hitchings - Vice President #2
Amanda Marcello - Treasurer
Amy McNamee - Secretary

Our Local PTA
Meadowvale PTA, Inc.
910 Graceview Drive
Havre de Grace, MD  21078
Local PTA ID #:  00027143

PTA President:  Shoshannah Harvey
1st PTA Vice President:  Liz Welsh
2nd PTA Vice President: Shannon Hitchings
PTA Treasurer:  Amanda Marcello
Secretary:  Amy McNamee

Our School
Meadowvale Elementary School
910 Graceview Drive
Havre de Grace, MD  21078

Principal:  Mr. Mark Warfield
Assistant Principal:  Shelby Houseman
Guidance Counselor:  Kathy Blythe
Mascot:  Mustang  

Standing Committees

Administration and Executive Board 
Coordinator:  Shoshannah Harvey
Communications and Public Relations
Coordinator:  Shoshannah Harvey
Membership Coordinator:  Amy Weitzel
Budget and Finance Coordinator:  Amanda Marcello
Hospitality and Recognition Coordinator:  Laura Ames & Callie Yeager

Special Committees ongoing:

Campbell’s Labels/Boxtops Coordinator:  Mary Kay Coughlan
Coke Rewards Coordinator:  Gina Darling
Yearbook (grade-level volunteers needed) Coordinator:  Erica Gladfelter
 Reflections Coordinator:  Nikki Zander
Patriot Program (testers needed) Coordinator:  Amanda Davis and Shannon Hitchings
Website Coordinator:  Shannon Hitchings

One-time events:

Fall Festival – Jenn Zehmer
Original Works – Liz Welsh
Holiday Shoppe – Shannon Hitchings 
Meadowvale Nights (McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Pat’s, Bateman’s, etc) – Liz Welsh
Teacher Appreciation Week/Luncheon – Amanda Marcello
Spring Fling and Field Day – Shannon Hitchings